Compliance, products, new hires: the top 3 e-learning trainings

Compliance, products and induction programs: spotlight on the most popular e-learning training courses for business.
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Training on standards, products and employee induction: spotlight on the most popular e-learning training courses for business.

The 3 e-learning trainings that businesses need most

Whether developed internally or through outsourcing, e-learning training programs that focus on standards, products and new employee induction are most popular among businesses

Compliance training

If an employee breaks the law, it can be extremely costly to the firm that employs him. Because of this, e-learning training courses that help reduce risk and improve employee compliance are widely used by major companies. These courses cover directives, rules, regulations and procedures, as well as the consequences of violations.

Benefits of e-learning for compliance training courses?

  • E-learning courses are easy and inexpensive to update, so they remain current with constantly changing rules and regulations.
  • Learning about standards can be a tedious process. Include scenarios and case studies to make the modules more attractive and engaging.

Product training

Businesses need to provide training to employees and external partners about their products. Increasing a sales department’s product expertise leads to greater profitability for the business. In addition, products change quickly in most businesses, so it’s important that employees remain up-to-date on the latest features.

Benefits of e-learning for product training courses?

  • Authoring software, like the Dokeos LMS, allows you to develop training products quickly and easily. Updates to existing courses are just as simple to create.
  • MOOC format permits widespread distribution of standardised courses (via innovative formats such as unlimited videos) to employees spread across multiple sites in various countries.

Training for new hires

Companies lose one-quarter of their new hires within the first year. But training costs time and money – all the more if you don’t fully engage them from the start!

Benefits of e-learning for employee induction programs?

  • Developing standardised induction programs that can be reused for each new hire is the ideal solution for frequently-used training courses.
  • E-learning lowers training costs and offers a ROI up to 60% greater than traditional training programs.
  • This system allows you to record and track the performance of new hires.

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