Setting up a corporate e-learning induction program

Just hired a new employee? An e-learning induction program will quickly get them up to speed in the company.

Just hired a new employee? An e-learning induction program will quickly get them up to speed in the company.

Why invest in an e-learning induction program?

Recruiting new employees takes time and money – on average 23 days and more than 6,000 euros. When you finally find a rare pearl, you want to keep it! Yet companies still lose 25% of their new employees within the first 12 months. The cause is often a lack of support and structure.

Offer an integration course delivered through e-learning to facilitate their arrival! This type of training is beneficial both for employees and employers.

Benefits for employees

Only 52% of employees who join a new company benefit from an induction course.

Yet there are well-known advantages:

  • The feeling of being supported
  • Getting quickly up to speed
  • A desire to invest and stay in the business for long term
  • Flexibility in hours
  • No time lost travelling to training
  • No waiting periods as the training can be started at any time

Benefits for employers

Did you know that delivering induction courses through e-learning reduces training time by 40%?

This is in addition to many other positives:

  • Improved motivation and employee skills
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Faster employee contributions to profits
  • Program flexibility, fully adaptable to corporate goals
  • Reduced training costs
  • ROI of e-learning can be up to 60% greater than from conventional training

Best practices for effective e-learning induction programs

Have you considered developing an attractive scenario for your e-learning induction program? This can reduce the training time for your new employees by up to 50%.

Use stimulating elements to maintain the concentration of your learners. We have previously discussed serious games and quizzes that allow for total immersion in your scenarios.

Embed videos in your training. Easy to implement and disseminate, these enhance the effectiveness of their learning by up to 56% by making it more human!

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