How to make a captivating e-learning scenario

How to make a captivating e-learning scenario

Designing an e-learning scenario is good. But enticing your learners to follow it is better. Read our tips on creating a better reading experience.

Keep the user’s attention: this is the main problem with elearning scenarios, just like for any web page. Web writing draws on methods that have been proven in sales communications, known by the acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). It doesn’t mean turning your elearning scenarios in advertising brochures, but simply making them efficient for the reader: attract and retain the reader’s attention to better engage them in your elearning scenario.

A = Attention!

You must first attract the attention of your learner. Your course should make you want to read. The first step of writing is to let the visitor immediately know the subject content with a title, a teaser or a strong image that captures their interest and allows you to switch them from being “passive” to “interested”.

I = Interest

Now you have their attention, you will only gain their interest by facilitating the task of reading. For this you need to immediately show what they will learn in the scenario, and why they should be interested in learning.

D = Desire

This is the most difficult step: write the body of your content, highlighting your expertise and know-how to stimulate their desire to continue learning. To help, you can consult our helpful tips for writing elearning scenarios.

A = Action

Whether it’s going to the next page, watching a video or answering a test, you expect the user to act once they have finished reading. The objective of every page of an elearning scenario is to give your reader the desire to continue to the next page. Make this passage easy by delivering a message with an incentive, clearly presented in the form of a button, for example: “More”, “Watch the video”; “Take the test”.

Teaching is not only about imparting knowledge but doing so in a way that makes a maximum number of readers want to learn. Taking notice of these tips will improve both your learners’ satisfaction and your own.

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