How to meet OSHA Compliance with your E-learning Platform

The health and safety of a company’s employees is crucial, which is why you must adhere to OSHA regulations during training sessions. If a business is unfamiliar with the necessary rules and regulations, this could throw a spanner in the works regarding employee safety. 

So in this article, we’ll discuss what OSHA is and how your business’ training platform can comply with the necessary standards. 

What is OSHA? 

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Congress created OSHA – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – to ensure the safety of employees in places of employment. 

It did so by setting and enforcing standards, while also providing training, outreach, education, and assistance regarding safety in the workplace. 

The OSHA act is relevant to most private sector employers and their workers. It also includes some public sector workers across the United States, as well as certain territories and jurisdiction under federal authority. 

How does OSHA work?

The OSHA standards typically have training requirements for employees, and stipulate that companies must train their employees yearly. 

Luckily, OSHA offers free training guidelines. This assists employers in providing the necessary safety and health information to their employees, which in turn creates a workplace of minimal risk to employees, their colleagues, and the general public. 

Why your company should use OSHA’s training 

OSHA has created a cloud-based platform which includes learning about all the necessary health and safety protocols that a company or business should adhere to. On this eLearning platform, employers and workers can expect to learn and understand the OSHA training requirements. 

Here are a few benefits to making use of the OSHA eLearning software, other than the fact that your business will meet OSHA compliance standards. 

It’s convenient 

In a busy workplace environment, eLearning offers a realm of convenience. Unlike face-to-face classroom training, employees don’t have to meet at a specific time to adhere to their training courses.

eLearning allows them to conduct training activities at their own time, as is most convenient to them. 

To complete the eLearning course, they’ll just need the necessary supported devices and a stable internet connection. 

It’s cost-effective

With OSHA compliant training, you’ll save a lot of money since it provides a cost-effective approach to adhering to OSHA standards. 

While being less expensive than hiring an educator, it also eliminates costs associated with venue and catering fees, the printing and distribution of training materials, and travel costs. 

If employees complete the training at their own time, it also won’t interfere with work that needs to be completed while on the job. 

It’s self-paced 

Classroom training often poses a challenge to assist all students equally. This is especially relevant in circumstances where some employees may learn faster than others, or if a worker struggles to stick to the work pace set by the employer. This isn’t only time-consuming, but also creates a negative learning environment. 

eLearning, however, creates the opportunity for employees to learn at a pace that is comfortable and understandable to them. If they don’t understand a topic, they can easily revisit it before moving on to the next section. 

Through incentives in the workplace to complete the eLearning, something that might’ve bored employees previously may even excite them – creating a fun and positive working environment. 

It captures analytics 

In a classroom setting, it may be difficult to ensure that employees understand and remember the learning material. It also poses the following challenge: how will you prove that all your employees have met their training requirements? 

Through the OSHA eLearning programme, all these worries go away, as it captures the training data of each person completing the course. This will help an employer track whether their employees are actually completing the necessary training.

The collected data also assists employers in providing analytic proof that their employers are up to date with OSHA standards. 

Find a training partner you can trust 

OSHA compliance training may seem like a daunting process, which is where partnering with compliance training solutions like Dokeos comes in. 

Dokeos offers customized solutions for online training, evaluation, and certification of your employees-turned-learners. 

It does so by creating customized learning paths and encouraging the acquisition of new skills and collective intelligence. This is all presented in an easy-to-understand interface, which makes employees excited about the prospect of learning new skills. 

In a busy workplace, meeting training standards doesn’t have to add to your management burdens. Hundreds of organizations train their teams online with Dokeos LMS for a reason – it simply works. Sign up for your free Dokeos trial today.