online certification

Online certification: a saviour for businesses?

Online certification can help HR management in large organisations, enabling learners in a number of sectors to be monitored personally...

dokeos shop

Set up an elearning course with DOKEOS SHOP

Dokeos assists specialist elearning companies. Try DOKEOS SHOP and enjoy 6 months free from 15 January. (more…)

corporate digitisation

Digitisation of training: resolutions

From mobile learning to big data and social learning, training is adapting to the needs of digitalisation. Below are some...

online learning 2015

Advances in corporate learning for 2015

Under pressure from digitisation, corporate learning will evolve in 2015. It will respond to new demands for quality, globalisation and...

gamification dokeos

Gamification in learning

Gamification draws on video game codes in the form of rewards as part of learning programmes. These entail tangible benefits...

service level agreement LMS Dokeos

A good LMS is good, good service is better

To get your LMS off to the best start, Dokeos offers expert support and appropriate service level agreements. (more…)

digital learning training calendar

Create a digital learning training calendar

A digital learning training calendar is put together by following logical steps: gathering and planning the training content, and then...

digital learning and toxicology

Digital learning for toxicology

At the clinical research & digital learning conference, we met with toxicologists from the Society of Toxicology. (more…)

vote for dokeos LMS

Vote for the DOKEOS LMS in the BSOCO Awards

Have you been satisfied using the DOKEOS LMS? Then vote for us in the BSOCO Awards. (more…)

video learning

Video learning in business

Video learning can benefit every professional sector, and is particularly well targeted to those with operational skills. Below are some...

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