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Have you been satisfied using the DOKEOS LMS? Then vote for us in the BSOCO Awards. (more…)

video learning

Video learning in business

Video learning can benefit every professional sector, and is particularly well targeted to those with operational skills. Below are some...

Strategic evaluation of digital learning

Evaluating digital learning is essential in order to monitor learners' progress and assess the performance of the training programme. (more…)

Digital learning as a business strategy

Motivate, maintain and improve sales team performance. What if digital learning was considered as part of business strategy? (more…)

How to write the terms of reference for a digital learning project

Writing the terms of reference helps to identify a company’s digital learning needs and find the best provider to meet...

Using digital learning to prevent the spread of Ebola

Following the arrival of Ebola on American soil, digital learning allows medical professionals to be trained in safety standards. (more…)

Corporate learning, digital learning or elearning?

Corporate learning, elearning or digital learning? The terms are increasing but the definitions tend to cross over. In the future,...

Dokeos in San Diego for the Clinical Research and Digital Learning conference

On November 7, Dokeos will meet clinical and pharmaceutical research professionals in the ‘biotech valley’ around San Diego and give...

Big data and digital learning

With digital learning, it’s very easy to collect user information in real time, for minimal cost. But how can you...

Developing a scenario for an elearning medical program

Fundamental to elearning programmes, scenario development helps the medical sector address its challenges of continually educating personnel who are often...

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