Dokeos in San Diego for the Clinical Research and Digital Learning conference

On November 7, Dokeos will meet clinical and pharmaceutical research professionals in the ‘biotech valley’ around San Diego and give...

Big data and digital learning

With digital learning, it’s very easy to collect user information in real time, for minimal cost. But how can you...

Developing a scenario for an elearning medical program

Fundamental to elearning programmes, scenario development helps the medical sector address its challenges of continually educating personnel who are often...

What ROI can you expect from elearning?

What ROI can you expect from elearning?

Elearning can be very cost effective compared to face-to-face learning, despite the relatively higher initial investment. (more…)

Cooc: arme de marketing massif

The COOC: weapon of mass marketing

A COOC (Corporate Open Online Course) is a large-scale training module that companies are now using to train their customers,...

Elearning case study: developing a scenario for Axea

The apprenticeship program scenario developed by Dokeos allowed Axea to train more than 4,000 nurses and health assistants. (more…)

Personalised elearning training

Personalised elearning training

Dokeos lets you create elearning training courses personalised for the individual. (more…)

A wiki for your elearning training

A wiki for your elearning training

When it comes to collaborative learning, a wiki is an invaluable tool, and one of the advantages elearning offers over...

Elearning and collaborative learning

Elearning and collaborative learning

The Dokeos Manager LMS allows you to easily put in place a collaborative elearning solution for your business. (more…)


Dokeos Shop: How to sell your courses in a few simple clicks

Are your elearning courses ready? Use Dokeos Shop to organise and sell them easily. (more…)

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