E-learning and LMS lexicon

E-learning and LMS lexicon

Complete and up-to-date e-learning and LMS (Learning Management System) glossary. (more…)

Dokeos, professional training in the cloud

New open source cloud solution Dokeos is an adapted remote professional training solution for companies. (more…)

Dokeos Shop

Dokeos SHOP: your training catalog for sale

Need to accelerate the sales of your training programs ? You might be interested in this one. The Dokeos company...

Serious games

AXA trains salesforce with Dokeos Serious Games

AXA developed a Serious Game with Dokeos on Insurance sales. The target audience is the Car industry salesforce. The idea...

Dokeos CHANNEL : your training video channel

Video training is popular. Coursera focusses on video lessons. YouTube offers dedicated Channels. TED broadcasts conferences. Dokeos is proud to...

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