Turn Your Learning Platform into Your Sales Enablement Machine

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Sales enablement is vital to helping your sales team drive revenue and growth. Learn how to turn your learning platform into a sales enablement machine.

Without a well-trained sales team, you just won’t keep up with the competition.

A strong sales team makes plenty of sales, increases your brand awareness, and strengthens relationships with existing customers.

But keeping your sales team firing on all cylinders is hard work. They’ve got to keep up with constant changes in the market, your product offerings, competitors, and more.

The key to doing that? Sales enablement.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement involves getting your sales team all the information and resources they need—when they need them—to sell successfully. It’s an iterative process, as you must continuously provide resources to your sales team as the business environment shifts.

Resources you might provide your sales team include:

  • Information about changes to your product, market, or industry
  • Tools and software necessary for closing leads and building relationships
  • Sales training and best practices

Constant change is the name of the game in business, making sales enablement critical. There are always new sales reps, new sales tactics, new competitors, new markets, new products, improvements to existing products, and so on.

Your sales team must keep up with all this change.

How to boost sales enablement with your LMS

In the past, sales enablement often meant sending salespeople to conferences, workshops, and classes to stay sharp. Unfortunately, that meant those sales reps were out of commission until they came back.

Nowadays, however, technology has made sales enablement more convenient for sales reps and more cost-effective for you.

In particular, your learning platform is a powerful sales enablement tool when used right. By building a well-structured training system into your learning platform, your reps can stay ahead and continue to drive sales.

Here’s how to keep your sales team on top of things with your learning platform:

Keep brand messaging consistent

Sales teams are often the first point of contact for your customers. They set the tone for how your customers perceive your brand.

Consequently, your entire sales team should thoroughly understand everything about your brand. That includes the company’s:

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Culture
  • Products and services

Unfortunately, your salesforce might be spread across different branches of your business, and possibly in separate geographic areas. Your learning platform enables everyone to keep on top of brand messaging from wherever they are.

Add gamification

Most salespeople are naturally competitive. One way to leverage that competitiveness is to add some gamification to your sales enablement process using your learning platform.

For example, you could implement some reward system for sales reps who complete the training by a specific date or successfully implement new knowledge/tactics and make sales.

Focus on core sales training

One of the most important bases of knowledge you can add to your learning platform is core sales training. It benefits new sales hires for obvious reasons: They can pick up new sales knowledge and skills they didn’t have before.

However, it’s helpful for experienced sales reps, too. They can spend downtime brushing up on the latest best practices by hopping onto your learning platform.

Offer target customer information

Selling always comes back to understanding and meeting the customer’s needs. Surprisingly, however, only about 13% of executive buyers believe that salespeople genuinely understand their needs.

With that in mind, you can keep ahead of the game by furnishing as much information about your target customer as possible to your sales team via your learning platform.

Make ongoing product training available

Markets are always evolving. Companies can only keep up by adding features to their current products, creating new products, and even replacing the former with the latter.

Existing products might require new training, too, even without new features. Your product might find a new use among your current market, or even a brand new market. With your learning platform, you can train your sales team to emphasize the features that address these new needs.

Naturally, providing ongoing product training is the key to sales team success—and that’s what a learning platform can do. With the right learning platform, you can provide all sorts of product information that your sales reps can access whenever they need it. No need to look at various separate resources since your learning platform serves as a central hub.

Enable your sales team to do what they do best

Keeping your sales team ahead of the competition is a challenge. Thanks to today’s technology, however, you can equip each rep with a central hub containing the knowledge and tools necessary to continue making sales and creating business growth.

Enable your sales team to do their best with Dokeos’ super-easy LMS (learning management system). Sign up for your free trial today and see why we’re the #1 learning platform for your sales team.

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