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DOKEOS MANAGER lets you effectively develop and manage your eLearning portal. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface lets you easily create and  manage your training curriculum and reporting with just a few clicks.

  • User-friendly and intuitive tools let you easily create and manage your training curriculum
  • Customizable to reflect your organization’s logo and branding at no added cost
  • Deliver rich training across any platform, from desktops and tablets to smartphones
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DOKEOS MANAGER simplifies planning, design customization, and delivery.

  • Intuitive course planning tools let you define each training stage for your course participants

    • Organize your training curriculum with ease, then integrate it with your own modules (quizzes, workshops, webinars, etc.).
    • Set prerequisites to reach different stages of your training course. This easy-to-use feature ensures participants acquire the right skills to move to the next level.
    • Monitor training results and course participants using the powerful DOKEOS MANAGER reporting tool
  • Modular design lets you easily display of your training materials to match your organizational design guidelines and brand standards

    • Configure DOKEOS LMS to your visual needs – Develop an original and unique graphical universe for your training courses.
    • Create visual items with freedom and ease – Change the colour of various items and insert the images and icons of your choice.
    • Flexible personalization – Add even more customization by calling our sales department.
  • Accessible anywhere – Dokeos delivers your training courses on any device

    • Fully responsive web design – Dokeos works on any device and platform, from desktop to mobile
    • Flexible learning solution – With an internet connection, learners can access your training anywhere and any time.
    • Integrated Social Learning Tools – Easily communicate and share with course participants using our social learning tools using forums, chats, wikis, surveys, notifications, a calendar and more.

  • DOKEOS MANAGER is the powerful LMS system that lets you effectively design and manage your training course curriculum.

    • Personalize your free training portal with your logo, branding, and design (CSS).
    • Define the different steps and activities that the course participants must complete.
    • Implement quiz scenario, feedback and question displays in a few clicks.
    • Create comprehensive and visually rich reporting for courses, modules, quizzes, participants and face-to-face activities.
    • Over 30 different self-learning exercises and quiz models are available in our catalog: drag-and-drop, open and closed questions, multiple choice, drawings, diagrams, and more.
    • Available in 10 languages: French, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian and Thai.
  • Share and discuss with your learners

    • Take advantage of social learning features: forum, wiki, and surveys targeting pre-defined audiences.
    • Create special training sessions for multiple students, supervised by a manager.
    • Define groups within a course or session: tutorial, collaborative or competitive.
    • Publish announcements and communicate directly with a targeted audience.
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