Professional training: ATD New England Conference

Professional training: ATD New England Conference

On 26 & 27 March 2015, Christine Amory and Thomas De Praetere attended the Association for Talent Development conference about professional training.

The meeting focused on the brain’s involvement and broader impact of cognitive science on learning methodologies for vocational training.

The most innovative companies are those that develop a true talent management strategy, a culture of change. The role of vocational training then, is to spot opportunities and involve teams to enable greater efficiency.

Can professional training stimulate innovation?

The ATD New England conference in Boston featured two days of discussion and exchange on the role of vocational training for conducting innovative practices in business.

Several points were identified for the future of our work:

  • Serious games immerse learners in real situations. Obliged to change behaviour, the user can acquire new reflexes.
  • Storytelling – the importance of a scenario that involves, and not distracts, the learner.
  • Diversification of training activities based on business skills to acquired. For example, learning to optimise the flow in a parts factory necessitates different exercises to those used when learning to better prescribe an anti-coagulant in pharmacies.

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