Who we are

DOKEOS, a creator of elearning solutions, helps companies, training providers and multinationals with their online training projects.

DOKEOS, an expert in customised elearning solutions for 15 years

DOKEOS, a developer and publisher of elearning solutions, is first and foremost a service company. Since 1999, we have supported corporations, companies and training organisations,as well as pharmaceutical groups, in developing customised training and assessment solutions.

In our service offer, we adapt to new needs and changes in business practices, such as for practical communities, informal learning, social business networks, and increased mobility and relocation of staff.

Our customers tell us that we are flexible and willing to listen. We do not approach their projects from a technical perspective. Rather, we enter their way of thinking in terms of objectives and performance.

In fact, this is our promise and the basis of our commitment: to provide useful and flexible solutions that meet the realities and constraints of our clients.

Dokeos Management Team

  • Thomas De Praetere, CEO

    CEO of DOKEOS. He forged a special relationship with his major customers, and from that, put together a network of experts who defined the project framework: the learning methodology, software usability, and integration of training in the HR strategy.

  • Christine Amory, CCO

    Christine assists corporate clients in health and pharmaceutical industry on implementing a Learning Management System, Evaluation process and Public Standards Compliance and norms such as ICD 10, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and ISO 9002.

  • Bertrand De Praetere, CFO

    As CFO of DOKEOS, Bertrand eagerly works at constantly identifying new market opportunities for DOKEOS: developing internal management and deploying the corporate strategy, both in terms of product offerings and services.

  • Nicolas Francannet, France Manager

    The objective of my team and myself is to assist french companies in their digital transformation regarding the training of their workforce. We leverage new HR technologies to successfully deploy onboarding policies, evaluation of skills and contribute to HR performance.

Who we are

Dokeos core values ​

For over 15 years Dokeos has committed to provide online training solutions that are useful, attractive and sustainable.

Over these years we have gained a wealth of experience relating to the challenges and successes of often complex and demanding deployments. We have always committed to ensuring that our customer solutions are at the cutting edge of available technology and respect our core values: empiricism, usability, responsiveness, flexibility and cost control.

  • Empiricism: We have developed DOKEOS products that offer solutions to real problems faced by companies. Each of our applications is adapted to the reality on the ground.
  • Usability: We make the ease of use of our software a priority. Our products have been designed to be accessible to all.
  • Responsiveness: Because we know that every company faces constraints on their time and money, we offer immediate solutions that are quick to implement.
  • Flexibility: We assist our clients in developing customised solutions.
  • Cost control: Since our beginning we have been strong supporters of the philosophy behind free software ecosystems. In fact, free software ensures flexibility, freedom and greater control over costs.

Dokeos in 5 dates

2013 – The DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE is available in the cloud, becoming the sole on offer that actually works on a tablet.

2012 – Bertrand De Praetere joins the company management, reorganising the product and services offer. He now leads a team of 20 persons serving hundreds of companies.

2008 – Isaac Flores becomes head of the technical team. Thanks to his work, a small university prototype becomes the DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE, the most beautiful, powerful and useable software in its class.

2004 – Demand starts to rise for an elearning software developed by Thomas De Praetere. DOKEOS is created and the software soon becomes hugely popular, recording tens of thousands of downloads.

1999 – DOKEOS comes to life at the University of Louvain in response to a triple need for training, motivation and evaluation. Thomas De Praetere, a philosophy teacher at the university, notices that students are lacking in enthusiasm. He decides to transform his course by scaling it up on the Internet. He designs an open source elearning software that complements the self-learning dimension with written exchanges between people.

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