5 reasons that make e-learning videos on YouTube essential

YouTube is not just a platform for hosting videos that create buzz, but a way to distribute your MOOC and e-learning videos on YouTube.

E-Learning videos posted on Youtube are a fabulous tool for addressing complex and difficult subjects. Enjoyable and instructive, these videos can be watched and re-watched as many times as necessary. Create your own video learning supports to allow your learners to more easily achieve their objectives.

1. Easily integrate your e-learning videos on Youtube

Integrating your e-learning videos on YouTube is easy, especially given the number of creative applications available. Use YouTube to introduce a topic, explain an activity and motivate your learners.

2. Generate online discussions

What better way than an e-learning video on Youtube to initiate online discussions about a topic with your learners ! What did they like? What didn’t they understand? Did the video meet their expectations? These are some of the many issues that will fuel discussion and encourage audience participation.

3. Ideal for mobile e-learning

Sharing e-learning videos on YouTube makes them accessible to the platform’s vast network. This means your students can access them from everywhere, on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

4. Enable micro-learning

Videos on short and explanatory modules are well-suited to YouTube. There are numerous benefits from dissecting complex topics into smaller modules. Your learners will have time to watch and rewatch these smaller modules in order to completely absorb them.

5. Develop understanding of complex topics

Some subjects may be difficult to explain. Providing access to e-learning videos on YouTube can help you illustrate complex topics more effectively. Videos facilitate understanding and learning. They are ideal for explaining a subject step by step.

Did you know that Dokeos WEBTV and the new MOOC format allow you to synchronize your videos with slides? Increase their visibility by sharing them on YouTube!

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