Video learning in business

video learning

Video learning can benefit every professional sector, and is particularly well targeted to those with operational skills. Below are some examples. Video is often used in the academic world. For evidence look no further than the success of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

In business, video learning is easy to implement and broadcast via multiple media. A motivating format, it effectively shows complex concepts or processes.

Video not only strengthens the learner’s knowledge but also their skills. With an adapted LMS, it can become part of the course plan, used to provide a more human character.

Learning videos: an overview of the possibilities

A digital learning programme that makes use of video goes beyond being purely descriptive and informative. The images help to convey a true corporate culture and performance. The assimilation of operational skills is accelerated.

A few uses, sector by sector:

  • In a hospital – video is essential to train staff in the use of new machines. It is also used with patients to show a simulation of certain procedures, or to teach them how to take care of a prosthesis.
  • In a laboratory – it facilitates and accelerates learning protocols. The video perfectly illustrates the benefits of compliance and the risks of non-compliance.
  • In a sales team – the video can be used in the form of a role play, improving the rationale and soft skills of a seller to a client or a manager in front of employees.
  • In insurance – or in less desirable sectors, video helps maintain learner interest, while providing a large amount of information, even when it’s complex.

The binge-watching effect

The benefits to businesses of video learning are tangible, including participant commitment, originality and richness of content.

With an adapted course plan / tone, it is possible to create a series of trainings and stimulate a binge-watching effect, which is simply not possible via other forms of learning. By asking the learner to pass a test to access the following video, the company ensures the employee actively participates in the programme.

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