M-learning, training via mobile phones


M-learning – learning on a mobile phone – is not just a handy tool, but one that is indispensable! Read our advice on best design and content.

According to a KPCB study, there are probably around 5.3 billion mobile devices and 1.6 billion smartphones in the world, compared to 789 million laptops and 743 million desktop PCs. Nowadays your employees are more likely to access an HR program via their phone than a computer.

M-learning requires adjusted content

Adapting content in learning modules is the first step towards creating a m-learning programme. This needs to correspond as best as possible with the techniques and habits of learners on a screen.

Long texts or videos should be avoided in favour of short, structured paragraphs. Training can be provided as a quiz or game. It is recommended to ask the user to touch the correct answer or drag an icon on the screen, rather than clicking, scrolling or writing.

To meet the limited attention span of learners on mobiles, m-learning should be in a multimedia format that integrates images, sounds, videos, QCM, etc., into the text. Each module should not exceed 5 minutes. Think about the simplest way to use the programme, and test this in a group.

M-learning reduces the barriers to trainings

The major challenge of m-learning is not to propose a new method of learning but to offer a solution that is integrated into a programme, in a way that complements it.

It responds best to the requirements of distance learning, designed to stimulate learners during their “downtime” such as in a queue, or on public transport. The employee decides on their own volition when to connect, without needing to worry about time constraints.

M-learning allows for a greater interaction with learners and between them. It includes mobile tools, such as a directory of participants and a platform for communication. The caller can give spontaneous feedback within a few minutes.

Points to keep in mind

Companies that implement a digital learning programme via mobile phone must remain attentive to the informal nature of m-learning, which is sometimes poorly adapted to the professional context.

In addition, there should be a serious discussion about how learners are involved. There is a risk the company could be perceived as attempting to engage with employees outside of office hours.

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