Produce tests: 29 types of questions possible with Dokeos

Produce tests: 29 types of questions possible with Dokeos

There are 29 types of possible questions available with Dokeos. This is an important choice when adapting to the needs of the elearning course designer.

Dokeos offers a wide range of questions to ensure your elearning course is supported with the right questions.

What types of questions can be created in the quiz?

The Dokeos Quiz tool allows for 29 different types of questions, and 7 types of logical reasoning.

There are 29 types of questions available on our Models page, accessible from the Quiz Maker:

  1. True or false?
  2. Select the right answer
  3. Sequence of operations
  4. Choose and justify
  5. Are you sure about your answer?
  6. Choose an image
  7. Listen then answer a multiple choice question
  8. Follow the steps described in a screencast
  9. Watch a flash animation
  10. Capture information from a video
  11. Include in a list
  12. Eliminate the odd one out in a list
  13. Include/exclude images
  14. Identify a set of responses
  15. Calculate the answer
  16. Complete a table
  17. Listen and fill in the blanks
  18. Complete the crossword
  19. Reply by text
  20. Justify your choice
  21. Explain a mind map
  22. Match words with each other
  23. Order a process
  24. Construct an argument
  25. Align images with each other
  26. Identify the elements in the composition of an image
  27. Navigate a diagram
  28. Reproduce a manipulation on a screenshot
  29. Find errors in a form

Capture d’écran 2014-06-02 à 11.25.04 All questions are based on 7 main types of logical reasoning:

Multiple choice questions (MCQ): You ask a question, an answer can be selected.

Questionnaire with multiple answers: Same as the MCQ but allows multiple answers. The question can be based on an image, video, audio, or Flash.

Blanks: Leave blanks in a document for your participants to fill in. Documents can include Word or Excel files. All that’s required for example is to upload an Excel spreadsheet. White out the areas that require answers to be given, and then indicate the right answers using your creation tool.

The open question: You ask a question, if necessary with an image support, and your participants respond how they like.

Pairing: link images or phrases with each other.

Detection of zones: Participants must identify which area is shown on a graphic. For example, indicate which organ is which on an image of the human body.

Delineation: Based on an image, participants locate areas of an image. For example, you can ask them the locations of a specific organ in a human body. With the mouse, they draw lines to define the zone then click on the right mouse button to save the selection. It will be compared with what you said in response, and validated if correct.

I don’t have many quiz ideas. Do you offer template questions?

Dokeos offers 29 question models or templates. These can show you the capacities of a Dokeos quiz. Use the models for inspiration, or modify and reuse them immediately. The models are accessible from the Quiz Maker menu bar. Each offers a different type of logical reasoning. On the Models page, hover your mouse over each to discover its name.

Does the Dokeos Quiz tool allow me to create a series of complex questions?

Yes. The possibilities with Dokeos quizzes are almost limitless, allowing you for example to create a series of sophisticated questions using a software application:

1. Watch a screencast and answer questions

2. Click a screenshot

3. Drag and drop buttons next to functions, etc.

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