Dokeos WEB TV: new MOOC format with unlimited videos

Dokeos WEB TV: new MOOC format with unlimited videos

The new Dokeos WEB TV interface lets you create e-learning modules by juxtaposing synchronized unlimited video and slides on the same screen.

Imagine a screen with a video on the left and slides to the right. This e-learning format, which is easy to implement and distribute, is the latest buzz in MOOC and COOC. Don’t wait, be part of the trend!

Synchronize slides and videos with Dokeos WEB TV

The Dokeos WEB TV solution has many benefits on a number of levels. You’ll be sure to love the pricing formula, which offers unlimited storage of your HD videos for only $1,500. Its very light format means Dokeos WEB TV is compatible with all networks and the mobile.

Dokeos WEB TV is also surprisingly simple. Why? Just open your browser within the Dokeos e-learning suite. Import your PowerPoint presentation and then your video (the presentation of a speaker that you filmed, for example). Synchronize the 2 media by specifying the time in minutes and seconds that corresponds to each slide in the video.

The solution is flexible, allowing you to shorten the video, review the slides and focus on essential information to pass on to your employees, among other benefits. You can cut your video into chapters to offer your learners more freedom. They can skip over sections they already know in order to focus on the essentials.

With a few clicks your video presentation is ready for online broadcast to your learners. Want to know more? Read our background information or try Dokeos free for 60 days!

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