E-learning: a framework for informal learning in business

E-learning: a framework for informal learning in business

Informal learning is a reality of the professional world. So how can you combine it with e-learning to achieve your strategic goals faster?

Studies show that 80% of training in a trade happens informally. In fact, most employees learn the ropes “on the job” and not in formal training.

Informal learning vs. formal learning

It’s a reality of the professional world that the vast majority of learning occurs through interactions with colleagues and in the field. This is informal learning: we learn by doing, on the ground, through those around us, at work, in conversations, experience, etc. The individual becomes his own teacher and is responsible for his own training.

Traditional training, in turn, represents only a small part of learning in a company, where there is a ” 70-20-10″ combination:

  • 70% of skills are taught on the job
  • 20% from colleagues, via interactions, discussions, etc.
  • Only 10% through formal training

In fact, many employees wish to choose their mode of learning. They no longer want to follow traditional training but are part of a more concrete process where learning by oneself is critical.

Combining informal learning and e-learning

Today thanks to e-learning you can better structure informal learning to be consistent with your business’ strategic objectives. Formal and informal learning can be strategically partnered to align the interests of learners with benefits for your business:

  • A well-structured and organized e-learning may be supplemented by informal learning. So, think about a good scenario before creating your program.
  • Encourage informal learning and give it space to develop – why not through your Learning Management System (LMS)? You can integrate tools that foster exchanges: chats, sharing videos and calendars, forums, document exchange, etc. Your employees can learn continuously, even when outside of training sessions.
  • Make your e-learning attractive! Formal training often has a bad reputation for being boring, mandatory, unnecessary, etc. By concentrating on interesting and innovative content, the informal learning that ensues will be even more productive.

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