Case Study: Daiichi Sankyo Belgium trains its sales teams

Training sales teams on the ground isn’t easy. Daiichi Sankyo Belgium looked to Dokeos for success.

Training sales teams on the ground isn’t easy. Daiichi Sankyo Belgium looked to Dokeos for success. Our Case Study.

Daiichi Sankyo is one of the top-20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. It employs more than 32,000 employees worldwide, including 2,000 in Europe in 12 different countries.

Train sales teams, better

Employees at Daiichi Sankyo Belgium include a sizeable number of sales representatives. Always on the ground, it’s difficult for them to devote time to face-to-face training. Even so, ensuring that sales teams are perfectly trained is essential in a sector in constant evolution, such as with clinical and pharmaceutical research.

Elearning benefits the whole business

Training scenarios conducted using the DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE allow Daiichi Sankyo Belgium’s sales teams to save time and money. No longer is it necessary to lose half a day’s work to follow in-class training. With a simple iPad, they can follow the elearning scenarios designed with Dokeos whenever they want and wherever they are.

Everyone across the organisation can benefit from the DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE:

  • For sales teams, it saves time and offers more flexibility in their schedule.
  • For the company, there is a significant financial benefit from having sales teams that are better trained, and more often on the ground.
  • For HR, the Dokeos solution has presented an opportunity to rethink and better structure its tests. It also does away with the need for manual corrections, saving precious time.

The favourite Dokeos tools used by Daiichi Sankyo Belgium

Daiichi Sankyo Belgium uses quizzes to facilitate preparations for employee meetings. The wide range of types of questions proposed by Dokeos Author give it greater freedom to conduct its tests.

Daiichi Sankyo Belgium also takes advantage of the many opportunities offered by Dokeos Evaluation to develop tests that are more specific, or legal in nature. These help it ensure employees have the right level of knowledge and practices in line with various national and international standards.

Daiichi Sankyo Belgium and Dokeos have successfully worked together to ensure the better training of clinical and pharmaceutical industry personnel and improve the quality of health care in Europe.

You too can discover the benefits of the DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE with a 60-day free trial.