Extended enterprise training: Wyz Tyre has chosen Dokeos

Extended enterprise training: Wyz Tyre has chosen Dokeos

To improve its clients’ performance in selling tyre products, Wyz Tyre has developed an extended entreprise training based on eLearning.

Wyz Tyre, the online tyre specialist, offers a range of solutions aimed at the various players in the automotive sales industry, especially the main European manufacturers such as Toyota and Renault.

In addition to its core offering, Wyz Tyre has set up the Wyz Academy: an eLearning programme designed for the extended entreprise training. Its objective is to improve its clients’ sales performance rapidly and sustainably by training their customer-facing staff, who are spread across Europe.

Wyz Tyre asked the consultancy firm Astec to help it develop this programme, and together they chose the Dokeos LMS for its ease of use and its feature-rich quiz tool.

Extended enterprise training: Pneu Wyz has chosen Dokeos


How does Wyz Tyre use the Dokeos LMS for extended enterprise training?

Extended enterprise training has its own specific requirements and challenges. In this particular case, the eLearning programme covers not only the technical aspects of tyre products, but also sales, marketing, services and logistics.

To strike the right balance between telling, showing and doing, each module comprises 3 key components:

  1. a theoretical introduction using dynamic content
  2. a practical perspective using illustrative videos
  3. an assessment quiz featuring multiple-choice or reasoning questions.

Dokeos would be happy to advise you on the best strategy to adopt for extended enterprise training. Do you have similar requirements? If so, contact us!


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