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To get your LMS off to the best start, Dokeos offers expert support and appropriate service level agreements.

Online learning programmes are accompanied by services that respond to the needs of companies using an LMS. Firstly, project support is undertaken by experts in elearning, e-marketing and digitisation of content.

Secondly, service level agreements detail the provider’s specific commitments to the client. Flexible and secure, these need to adapt to the specific requirements of the business sector, including pharmacy, clinical research, distribution, banking, security, regulation, food & drug, languages, management, sales businesses, etc.

Your LMS security

Data security is the prerogative of all companies. This is especially true in the banking sector and pharmaceutical industry, which have high information security needs.

Dokeos ensures a reactive service thanks to its teams on stand-by to assist. The service level agreements are an integral part of our LMS and cover:

  • The availability of access to the platform – a guaranteed minimum level of 98% for the most basic formulas. Laboratories or financial companies have the option to subscribe to a version where availability is ensured at 99.9%.
  • The reactivity of support – there are different ways to communicate with our teams. Different timeframes for reactivity and debugging are offered. In the premium version, support team contact is available 24/7. The maximum reaction time is 1 hour and debugging time is a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Hosting – from a shared cloud for the basic version to hosting on an ISAE 3402 server, multiple options for hosting and data backup – daily or weekly – are offered. Moreover, the most comprehensive models allow for the creation of a dedicated and secure url.

An integrated tool in the company’s HR

The agreements, discussed case-by-case, involve more than just the company’s employees and departments who are directly concerned:

  • HRIS integration – synchronisation with the human resources management system already used by the company is one of the fundamental flexibilities of the Dokeos LMS.
  • Compliance – Clinical research and pharmaceutical companies especially need certificates of compliance with the standards in force. Dokeos has successfully fulfiled the conditions for access to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 5 certification.

Discover the Dokeos LMS and the best service level agreements in the market.

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