Optimize Employee Training with Big Data

Big Data helps savvy healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to maximize their employee training programs. Here’s how you can get the same strategic advantage with Big Data:

Uncover valuable business insights

Big Data is an amazing resource for finding valuable insight and understanding about how your employee training programs are actually used. It allows you to clearly understand and manage things like course content, flow, and overall usability.  It allows you to adapt to different learning styles to help you find the most effective methodology. Most importantly, Big Data lets you track learner satisfaction, increase knowledge sharing, and provide well-targeted and effective employee training programs.

Align with industry compliance requirements

Since compliance plays a significant role in today’s health care management, corporate compliance alignment is a must-have for organizational certification and auditing. It also represents a valuable competitive advantage:  By using Big Data as part of your training program development, you ensure that your employees fully understand the details, processes, and nuances of  these complicated and evolving compliance and safety standards such as ICD-10 of the WHO, FDA 21 CFR PART 11, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001 and ASAE 340.

Understand your employee skill-gaps

Knowing where you need to add training is the key to having a fully compliant organization. Big Data helps you identify and understand your employee skill gaps to help trainers and managers develop, refine, and align training strategies that help close these gaps.  It provides objective, quantitative data that helps managers identify areas where employees are strongest and where additional support is needed. It also helps managers to better manage their employee career development.

Get continuous quality enhancement

Since Big Data gives organizations continuous feedback, it makes it much easier to maximizing the quality of your training programs.  Managers can view how learners actually interact with courses and  give insight to course developers to refine and enhance learning modules for maximum learning effectiveness and retention.

Deliver learner flexibility and personalization

The goal of Corporate Learning is to ensure that all of your employees have the same level of expertise, but people often learn in different ways. Big Data allows trainers to develop modalities that reflect the various ways that learners learn.  Trainers can use near-real time data to create individualized and personalized training that takes into account a learner’s previous knowledge, experience, and even their organizational role.

Strategy and data-driven training

Big Data lets organizations deliver fact-based, data-driven learning programs that meet the organization’s strategic, service quality, compliance, and personnel development goals.  When properly implemented, Big Data is an ongoing resource that lets management and trainers objectively understand the organization’s dynamics and challenges. Together, they are better equipped to deliver effective education, training, and career development programs that matches the company’s strategic goals and encourage employee job satisfaction.

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