Why Use Dokeos LMS for Customer Support Training

An LMS is key to improving the customer experience. See how the Dokeos LMS empowers your employees and can ultimately increase sales.

Improve Your Customer Experience With Dokeos LMS Customer Support Training

Your business is trying to grow in a competitive landscape. But in a world where the competition can steal your ideas, products, and even your employees, it can feel tough to differentiate yourself.

Fortunately, there’s one thing your competitors can’t take from you: how you treat your customers. After all, brands lose $62 billion every year because of poor customer service. But when you invest in customer service, 52% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience—they’re even five times more likely to buy more from you, too.

While customer service might come naturally to a few people, the reality is that better customer service comes with regular training. Customer support training coaches your employees and gives them the tools they need to serve the people who matter most: your customers.

The benefits of customer support training with an LMS

Whether it’s marketing, IT, or product support, you need to train every client-facing employee at your business.

But forget the outdated paper packets and expensive in-person training: an LMS (learning management system) is the key to improving the customer experience, empowering employees, and, ultimately, increasing sales.

When you opt for a modern LMS for customer support training, you’ll see benefits such as:

  • Improved customer support: Don’t throw customer service agents into the fray without training. Customer service training helps agents improve their soft skills so they can handle difficult customers and escalations with ease. Training can also increase your team’s product knowledge, giving them regular insight into the customer experience.
  • Employee retention94% of employees would stay in their jobs longer if their employer invested in them. When you invest in proper customer service training, you keep your support team on board longer. Instead of constantly hiring new people, you cut down on recruitment costs and enjoy the sustained organizational knowledge of long-term support agents.
  • Time savings: Are your customer service employees scrambling for answers while your customers wait? Since 40% of customers say they want their problems solved more quickly, you need to shave time off your customer service calls. Training arms your team with the expertise they need to quickly and confidently answer customers’ questions,
  • Cost reduction: An LMS is superior to classroom learning from a cost perspective. Stop paying for travel, handouts, room rentals, AV, or instructors. Simply create your content once, upload it to the LMS, and reshare it with your customer support team as needed.

Customer service training with Dokeos

Customer service training is a must for competitive businesses. Since 73% of customers say they stay with brands because of friendly, well-trained service representatives, training your team can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Not sure how to get started? Dokeos provides a modern, mobile-friendly LMS perfectly suited for customer support training programs.

1. Simulated real-world situations

Like many jobs, customer support is best learned in practice. Dokeos LMS lets you train customer support agents in a safe, highly realistic environment that mimics real-world situations. Let your team practice their conflict resolution skills or new call scripts in the safety of a training program where you can give quick, live feedback.

2. Social learning

80% of what employees learn on the job happens informally in social environments. You can facilitate more of this learning during formal customer service training in the Dokeos LMS.

With social learning features like chats and knowledge sharing, we enable your team to learn together, no matter where they are. Real-time chats allow your team to share their thoughts on a particular task, lesson, or guide to get quick answers. Your learners can even record answers they find useful and save them for later.

3. Interactive content from anywhere

Give your customer service team a richer online learning experience. Dokeos LMS is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring your team is equipped for on-the-go learning that fits their schedule.

Dokeos LMS’s instructional engineers work with you to create the perfect blend of interactive content for your customer service training, such as:

  • Games
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • Presentations

Instead of spending hours creating content, the Dokeos LMS makes rapid course creation possible. Just upload your content and you’re ready to train your customer service teams at scale.

4. Certifications

Certifications and badges improve customer trust in your brand. But, depending on your industry and expertise, your team may need to undergo strict certification protocols. Dokeos LMS makes it easy to certify hundreds of employees at once on a compliant platform that not only gets your team certified, but that meets regulations.

5. In-depth reports

How do you know if your customer service training is actually working? Instead of uploading your course and hoping it works, Dokeos LMS provides in-depth reports to measure your program’s success.

Our system automatically gathers feedback at the end of the course and adds it to your analytics dashboard. Dokeos also reports on learner progress, scores, engagement, social interactions, and more.

Invest in your team today

Customer-facing roles need more support from their leadership. When you arm your team with strong customer service training, they’ll do right by your customers. Invest in your people today and they’ll consistently deliver great customer service.

Ditch the print packets and expensive in-person training for a system optimized for today’s workforce. Prepare your team with efficient, modern training through the Dokeos LMS. Sign up now for a free trial.

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