Strategic evaluation of digital learning

Evaluating digital learning is essential in order to monitor learners’ progress and assess the performance of the training programme.

A major advantage of digital training is being able to solicit ongoing feedback from learners and the system. For an HR director, this is an opportunity to identify strengths and potential difficulties. It is also an opportunity to analyse the effectiveness of the trainer and training in real time.

Evaluation in digital learning: an HR certification tool

Evaluation allows you to:

  • Follow the progress of teams and individual employees. The strengths and potential weaknesses are identified immediately and adjustments may be decided very quickly.
  • Understand the motivations of learners, and topics that grab their attention, to possibly point them to complementary training.
  • Check and certify the acquisition of skills. This certification attests to the acquisition of theoretical data, techniques, protocols, and use of equipment required in certain sectors, such as pharmaceutical research, for example.

Evaluation as a strategic tool

The establishment of a digital learning programme is the result of an approach that involves significant human and financial resources for the company. To ensure the efficiency of the training, it is useful to monitor the performance of the system and the trainer, through analysis.

In addition, evaluation has the advantage of helping you understand the digital competence (or difficulties) of teams. At a time when companies are undergoing digital transformation, it can be useful to know how digitally advanced your teams are before launching major technical innovations and new tools.

The assessment also allows:

  • Sustainable investments.
  • Measurement of the state of the company’s digital transformation.
  • Adoption of the most effective measures, in consultation with primary stakeholders, without feeling these are being imposed.

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