Using an LMS for Retail Training

How to Use an LMS for Retail Training: 3 Proven Methods

Consumers expect more from retailers today. Before COVID, two-thirds of businesses competed on customer experience—but the pandemic has made customer experience a must for all businesses. 

In pre-COVID times, it was already difficult to keep your retail staff trained and engaged. During a pandemic and economic downturn, it’s even more challenging to get your team on the same page. You need stronger tools on your side to build a better workforce. 

The antidote to low worker engagement is a learning management system, or LMS. This system allows retailers to deliver customized online learning to their staff.

The worldwide LMS market will be worth a staggering $38.1 billion by 2027, so it’s clear that more retailers are seeing the benefit of LMS retail training. Understand the benefits of an LMS for retail training and how to use it for better online retail training 

The benefits of retail business training

LMSs offer plenty of benefits to retailers, including: 

Time saved on training

Retailers struggle with the costs and time associated with frequent training. But an LMS allows you to do online retail training whenever and wherever you’d like. It even allows your team members to learn from their smart devices, which means you don’t need to supply company laptops or tablets. 

Reduced turnover 

Did you know that 94% of employees would stay at their jobs longer if their employer offered training? An LMS helps you offer regular training that helps staff not only do their jobs better but feel more valued and supported. When employees receive training to do their jobs well, they’ll perform better and stay longer. 

Improved inventory management 

Is your team following inventory management best practices? Master end-to-end logistics by properly training your in-store team on proper procedures. Retail LMS software helps you ensure fidelity of implementation so your training actually improves behavior.

Enhanced customer experience 

Customers who have a great experience at your store are 38% more likely to recommend you to other shoppers. An LMS for retail training helps you enhance your team’s customer service skills so shoppers continue to buy from you. Coach your team on how to handle tricky situations and how to escalate issues properly. An LMS provides a consistent training experience to all of your retail staff, which gives customers a consistent experience no matter which location they shop at. 

Training is a must for retail. While new employee orientation training is a given, ongoing training is necessary, too. But it’s difficult to do retail training at scale, and that’s why retailers need to invest in an LMS for retail training. 

3 ways to use an LMS for retail training

An LMS like Dokeos gives retailers the right tools to develop a team’s hard and soft skills. While the sky’s the limit for your LMS, you can use Dokeos in three ways to strengthen your retail team’s training. 

1. Train your employees with customized modules

The Dokeos LMS allows for customized training pathways. Create modules, videos, webinars, and more with customized courses that best fit your company’s goals. Because an LMS is available across your business, every employee gets the same training from one source. It’s the perfect way to ensure consistency. 

Instead of spending hours of valuable time on-site training your team, the Dokeos LMS shrinks days of training into just a few hours of online content. It’s particularly useful for training your team on: 

  • Health and safety requirements
  • Compliance 
  • Changing requirements coming from corporate

Retail LMS software makes it possible to collect data on your employees as they’re training for better course personalization. For example, you can offer more advanced content to knowledgeable employees and provide more foundational content for less experienced employees. 

2. Measure performance in real time

Online retail training with an LMS is more measurable than in-person training. If you need to demonstrate the ROI of your training efforts, Dokeos gives you real-time insights that show the direct business impact of training. 

See your learners’ scores, responses, time spent on the course, engagement rates, and much more. Dokeos provides custom dashboards and alerts so you can see your team’s performance in real time to make more strategic training decisions. 

3. Evaluate and certify employees

Knowledge is only practical if your team commits it to memory. That’s why Dokeos gives retailers the ability to evaluate and assess their learners’ retention.

Use quizzes and questionnaires to test your team’s information retention in the LMS. If you’re required to certify your team, you can see who has completed their certification in one intuitive dashboard. Dokeos can even track your team’s proof of certification if you need to provide evidence to regulators.

Choose the best retail LMS software

An LMS for retail training makes it easier to attain your goals at scale. A formal training system with tracking, metrics, and engaging features not only trains your workforce properly but improves the customer experience too.

Choose an LMS that flexes with your business’s needs. Make your training more effective, save time, and ensure consistency with Dokeos. Our innovative LMS supports your team with fast, engaging eLearning that works. Try Dokeos for free—sign up for your trial now.