Webinar or digital learning?

Webinar or digital learning?

Why choose digital learning when teaching teams at distance? Let’s compares the use of webinars versus elearning in companies.

The explosion and success of MOOCs on the Internet has led some to think that a company can train its teams by using webinars. Although webinars have become very popular in recent years, they don’t meet the needs or constraints of digital learning.

  • The webinar is a commercial tool to collect addresses of prospects and convert them.
  • It’s usually free, open to the greatest number of people possible, and difficult to match to the actual needs of participants.
  • The teaching is passive, demanding little interaction from learners. There is no evaluation at the end of the course.
  • The webinar is presented only once, and if not recorded, cannot be reused.

Digital learning: much more than an Internet-based course

  • With digital learning, the learner is a company employee. They are not there by chance, and actively participate.
  • Content is available everywhere, all the time. This reduces logistical constraints.
  • Training is done at the learner’s own pace, depending on their interests and needs, and independently of others.
  • It’s possible to not only assess learners, but also for them to obtain an online certificate.
  • The content is interactive, attractive and reusable.

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