Elearning: maximise the memorisation of your modules

E-learning: maximise the memorisation of your modules

Your elearning scenario needs to capitalise on the learner’s progress throughout the course in order to maximise their memorisation of course content.

An elearning scenario that improves memorisation

1. Begin with a general overview of the training

At the beginning, present a panoramic overview of the training. With each new session and at any given moment, the learners must be able to see where they are in the scenario. This means creating a detailed table of contents and a menu that facilitates navigation.

2. Leverage their progress

Allow time for learners to assimilate their new knowledge. This requires an evolutionary scenario, which moves from the simplest ideas to the most complex. With a progress bar, the learner can gauge their progress, helping better retain their attention and spurring them on to learn.

3. Divide the learning parts

This is the logical continuation of the previous point! The trainer provides training by splitting the learning into several modules – even micro modules. These short formats, which are more easily digested, must not contain more than 5 new elements for the learner to assimilate.

4. Repeat critical elements

Fleeting by nature, it is estimated that the memory eliminates 80% of the information it receives over 24 hours. Reiterating the most important elements of the training is essential for the learner to retain information. This involves alternating the content – videos, serious games, slides, quizzes – and the way these are disseminated throughout the training. Also consider a short summary of the previous session.

5. Involve the learner

According to the Chinese proverb, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I learn.” Encouraging reflection through intervention can boost memorisation. A variety of activities can be used to this end, as well as exchanges and collaborative learning through a wiki or forum, for example.

What resource for what purpose?

Table summarising learning methods for promoting the memorisation of different concepts.

How elearning can maximise memorisation of course content

How elearning can maximise memorisation of course content

Source: eLearning Infographics

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