Online certification: a saviour for businesses?

online certification

Online certification can help HR management in large organisations, enabling learners in a number of sectors to be monitored personally

We have often talked about the needs for certification in laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. International standards of operation and manufacturing are fundamental in these cases, assuring that products can be placed on the market.

Nowadays however, all sectors potentially stand to benefit from opportunities to certify their employees online.

What are the needs for online certification?

Digital learning provides effective distance-learning for teams of hundreds or even thousands of employees. Online certification is the most obvious next step. Easy to put in place, it means a company can assimilate skills, while analysing results in real time.

For companies in IT, allied health, services or sales, online certification could be required in the following cases:

  • Knowledge of SOPs
  • Employee safety (what to do in case of fire, etc.)
  • Learning how to use a machine, a device (technical)
  • Learning scenarios to manage difficult customers

What are the advantages?

In large groups, digital learning allows programmes to be disseminated equally to everyone. Opting for online certification opens the door to an even greater acquisition of skills.

Thanks to the tools on offer, it is possible to follow a learner’s progress through individual training files. Not only does this mean the group can be managed uniformly, but furthermore, each employee’s progress can be personally monitored.

As such it easier to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each learner and treat them individually, or send an invitation to retake the test, etc.

At the same time, certification ensures that data is not falsified, information is stored, and that the final assessment has been overseen by a competent person using a proper test.

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