Pharma Sales Reps Move to Digital Tools, LMS Plays Critical Role

Pharma sales are happening online, but how do you train your team? Invest in a digital LMS to conduct your pharma sales training safely and more efficiently.

Traditional Pharma Is Gone: How Pharma Sales Training Is Moving Online

Pharma sales is a very personal, face-to-face job. Traditionally, reps spent their days moving between hospitals and doctor’s offices to meet doctors and buying groups in the field. But, in light of COVID-19, pharma sales reps had to pivot quickly away from in-person meetings and toward digital-only services.

Countless industries have changed because of the coronavirus, pharma included. Initially, some pharma brands delayed product releases and hoped to weather the storm. However, it’s obvious that the world won’t return to “normal” any time soon.

Instead of using digital tools as a temporary crutch, pharma companies are now realizing the importance of digital-first sales.

Pharmaceutical companies embrace digital sales tools

Large pharmaceutical companies are permanently adjusting their sales practices to cope with the new normal. Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and countless others are banning in-person sales and embracing digital selling tools.

Technology has been a boon during COVID-19, but it comes with its own host of problems. Whether you’re investing more in email, chat, video calls, your CRM, or sales AI tools, you have to invest in pharma sales training for these specific tools.

A digital LMS supports pharma sales training

Digital-first pharma sales aren’t going anywhere, and that means it’s time to train your sales force on the proper methods and processes for your technology stack. After all, enterprises can’t afford to have a disjointed, confused sales force right now.

Naturally, in-person training isn’t an option. That means pharma companies have to educate their salesforce remotely, which isn’t always simple. Fortunately, you can invest in a digital LMS to conduct pharma sales training safely and more efficiently.

When you partner with an LMS platform like Dokeos, we get your reps up to speed on new digital tools—fast. Enjoy 5 benefits of a digital LMS for your next pharma sales training.

1. Personalized learning pathways

Every sales rep is different. While one rep might already be fluent in a CRM or chat software, others aren’t. The Dokeos LMS gives pharma reps personalized pathways for their technology training.

Give reps more experience and time learning unfamiliar tools. If they already understand the software, Dokeos allows you to automatically fast-track knowledgeable reps to make the most of their training time.

2. Quick setup

Do you have old SOPs or training materials for your technology? Bring your existing training materials to the Dokeos LMS with our easy setup process. You can integrate everything quickly to set up fast, effective pharma sales training that won’t take hours to create.

However, remember to take a moment and review your SOPs. Training materials created pre-COVID may need updating for today’s context.

3. Mobile-friendly

Your sales reps aren’t traveling between hospitals or doctor’s offices today, but that doesn’t mean they’re only working on their desktops.

Dokeos is designed to give a great experience on your reps’ devices, no matter where they are. Everyone is working remotely right now, and more flexibility means faster, more efficient training for your team. Whether it’s iOS or Android, your sales force can complete their training from any device with the Dokeos app.

4. Better integrations

If you’re investing in a digital LMS, there’s a good chance you need to integrate it with other tools your team already uses. Dokeos integrates with dozens of apps and learning tools to make your pharma sales training not only more engaging, but faster to set up.

Whether it’s Prezi, Animoto, or YouTube, the Dokeos LMS gives you the power to add fun features, like animations, to your eLearning. That’s an important feature, considering employees prefer learning from engaging videos, animation, and other multimedia. Boost comprehension and retention while shortening the time required for training with our superior integrations.

5. Social and collaborative learning

Social distancing and remote work add challenges to collaborative learning. While it’s tempting to allow sales reps the freedom to train independently, the best pharma sales training embraces social learning.

Humans are social creatures, and we actually retain more information when we learn alongside our peers. If you want your pharma reps to become fluent in your new technology, use the Dokeos LMS to do social learning right.

Reps can ask questions in real-time if they need help with the material. They can even ask and answer each other’s questions, enjoying safe, interactive learning from a distance.

Invest in digital pharma sales training

We don’t know when or if pharma sales will return to “normal”.

In fact, we suspect that companies may never look back as they discover the efficiencies and benefits of digital sales training. Regardless, for the foreseeable future, pharmaceutical companies are going all-in on digital sales tools. To avoid the inevitable hurdles of technology training, use an LMS built for today’s digital environment to bolster your reps’ learning.

Dokeos is not only a faster and more efficient solution to pharma sales training, but it empowers your reps to boost revenue even in uncertain times. Reach out today to learn more about why elearning with Dokeos is the best choice for your team.