The Top 10 Benefits of Using LMS Software

Some call it the Great Resignation, the Great Attrition or the Big Quit. It is happening right now in Western countries, especially in the United States. In June, more than 4 million people in the US quit their jobs and around 11 million jobs are vacant. Employers now face big challenges to halt an enormous staff turnover. But how? Online training with Dokeos LMS is the solution to your problem.

Training employees about healthcare and pharmaceutical protocols is often boring because companies use unengaging and traditional teaching techniques. 

This leads to a drop in productivity and work quality.

Fortunately, an LMS, or learning management system, allows you to remedy this. With Dokeos LMS, you automate employee training and implement rewards that boost engagement.

In this post, we’ll cover the top 10 benefits of LMS software for healthcare and pharmaceutical employee learning while showing you how to integrate one into your business.


1. Employees do all learning under one platform

With traditional learning methods, you’ll have healthcare documents scattered across various hard drives, folders, and computers. This makes e-learning impractical, and it’s easy to lose essential knowledge.

But with LMS software, everything you need is under one digital roof. If you’re using an effective tool like Dokeos, everyone will have access to video training ; if you’d like to limit access to sensitive information, this is possible within minutes.

Employees can learn about healthcare best practices and compliance regulations in an engaging way.


2. You can easily track learning and performance

Because you can track learning and performance with an LMS, you know which employees are thriving and who is struggling. You could assign specific learning resources to assist anyone who is underperforming, which eliminates weak points and helps employees understand pharmaceutical compliance regulations.

You can even run competitions where you test each employee’s knowledge on the latest healthcare laws and give away prizes to those who do best. This level of insight allows you to better manage your team.


3. It saves money

You’ll need to book a classroom to teach your employees without an LMS. But you’ll also spend money on additional expenses like:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Healthcare instructor salaries
  • Physical printouts

This gets expensive very quickly. And if your team is spread across the world, it’s impractical.

With digital learning, all classes are conducted online so you save thousands of dollars.


4. It reduces learning time

If you’re going the traditional route, employees will have to sit through hours of pharmaceutical regulation training, and most of the time, they won’t be learning anything.

But by doing everything online with LMS software, you give your team only essential information. That means they can learn what they need to know within a fraction of the time.

Employees can also assess their regulatory knowledge by taking monthly tests—something that isn’t an option if you’re using traditional teaching methods.


5. Employees can refresh their knowledge anytime

Another significant benefit of an LMS is that employees can log into team learning software and refresh their knowledge regarding new laws.

Normally, you gather your team in a classroom where they’ll have to take notes. After a few months or years, they’ll need to look at these notes if they want a refresh.

This can be a hassle because it’s easy to lose notes. And since employees can’t refresh their knowledge, they’ll either complete work without it or message other team members. Both options negatively affect productivity and work quality.

With an LMS, employees are encouraged to stay up to date—and they can do so with minimal effort.


6. It keeps you up to date on healthcare compliance regulations

Your healthcare and pharmaceutical organization needs to stay updated on quality control regulations. Failure to do so can result in fines that go up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Without an LMS, all healthcare documentation and learning materials are scattered across devices. This makes it almost impossible to stay updated on ever-changing compliance requirements.

But with an LMS software like Dokeos, you can add new compliance standards within seconds. Employees also get notified of this change, so staying on top of regulations is easy.


7. You can quickly expand course content

In addition to adding new pharmaceutical regulation requirements, you can also expand course content without redoing your entire program.

This level of flexibility allows you to adjust and adapt quickly without the fuss, setting you apart from the competition.


8. It allows you to implement learning on social media

If you have learning material on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, simply link to it in your LMS software for easy access. This way, employees can share information and help each other improve.


9. It reduces staff turnover

Staff turnover is expensive—it can cost your business thousands of dollars per year because you’ll have to run job ads and try out new employees.

Fortunately, investing in an LMS saves money on staff turnover because the interactive training creates an engaging work environment.


10. It provides a better onboarding experience

When someone does resign, use your LMS to onboard new employees more efficiently. 

Instead of just giving a quick office tour, invite new team members to your LMS software. This way, they access all the knowledge needed to get started in their new position.

Implementing an LMS is easy with Dokeos

The advantage of a learning management system is that it allows you to save time and money while optimizing productivity and work quality.

It’s also not difficult. With Dokeos, you access world-class digital learning software. This makes online learning simple. Dokeos LMS is a white label solution that allows you to customise the design of your platform and express your brand image. You can script your courses in multiple stages to engage your learners in different training activities: E-learning modules, quizzes, placement tests, videos, webinars, or in-person sessions.

So if you’re looking to experience the benefits of learning management systems and integrate one into your business, sign up for a Dokeos free trial. Contact us !