How to reduce turnover in healthcare ?

Reduce hospital turnover: boost new recruits’ commitment and skills with onboarding in your LMS.

Turnover, the big challenge in the healthcare sector

The healthcare is undergoing a complete transformation to help it respond to a variety of pressures: cost reduction versus improvements in care and patient experience. At the same it is suffering time from growing turnover levels and is facing the retirement of 2/3 of nurses in the coming years.

How can we ensure that knowledge does not leave hospitals along with the staff? How do we foster skill transfer to new recruits?

The LMS, supporting onboarding

Improve the experience of hospital staff, from the first day they are hired! Put HR onboarding in place to make your new staff as productive and committed as possible, as soon as possible.

To do this, you should not confuse orientation with integration. You cannot just send out your documentation relating to procedures and practices, the job and the organisational structure etc. And what’s more, this retention strategy needs to be in place before the first day of employment.

The 3 pillars of effective onboarding

When your new staff receive clear objectives, training support so they can excel in their job, and the opportunity to belong to an effective team, they feel greater levels of commitment. And they stay within the company. So your turnover is reduced.

1. LMS and elearning training

As soon as the contract is signed (the time when new recruits are at their most motivated), provide them with access to your LMS platform. Here, clinical elearning sessions have been designed to bridge any gaps in knowledge, increase skills, ensure compliance and even prepare them for their succession! The modules to be strategically deployed need to be:

2. Twinning and learning communities

Allocate a mentor to your new recruits. You can also group them into small teams headed up by a senior staff member. Twinning and learning communities nurture the sharing and communication of good practice, knowledge and experience which have been acquired over the years, often informally.

3. Career development strategies

In the course of the first few weeks, new employees must be given the opportunity to set their objectives together with their managers. They in turn will ensure that these are in line with the company’s objectives. This shows the employees that the hospital is making an investment in their professional development, and also that they can achieve their career objectives by staying with you. So make sure that you give them the right elearning to succeed!

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