Tin Can API: evaluate e-learning performance

Tin Can API: evaluate e-learning performance

After SCORM, companies are adopting the Tin Can standard (also known as xAPI) to measure the effectiveness of their e-learning courses.

There’s almost no need to convince companies about the importance of training their teams and partners. But that’s not to say top managers don’t require proof of a positive return on investment!

What is the Tin Can API standard?

Tin Can API is the new standard that could replace SCORM for many businesses and e-learning professionals.

Also known as xAPI, it records and easily retrieves all traces of training and learning experiences, whether formal (m-learning, blended learning, serious games, etc.) or informal:

  • Reading a report or e-book
  • Watching videos on YouTube
  • Participation in discussion forums
  • Sharing an article related to training on social networks
  • Etc.

Tin Can API and calculating e-learning ROI

For a long time, recording series of data – such as the number of courses taken by the student, the date when he or she starts or ends a module, and the results of an assessment – was sufficient enough to measure the return on investment of your e-learning courses. This was usually done using SCORM.

But today, 80% of workplace learning takes place informally. What’s more, the learning experience of your employees is no longer confined to the LMS, but extends to and is enriched on mobiles, tablets, social networks or forums.

It has been therefore necessary to develop a new and powerful tool capable of recording the overall learning experiences of learners, beyond their trainings completed on the LMS: Tin Can API.


Use Tin Can API to refine your e-learning strategy

With the information recorded by the xAPI standard you can improve the quality of your training materials. Find out how your learners interact with your e-learning content:

  • On which parts of the course did your learners spend the most time?
  • What activities were undertaken more than once?
  • Which parts of the course were skipped?

In this way Tin Can API helps you streamline your e-learning strategy based on your learners’ needs, or even develop a customized learning program.

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