eLearning training that empowers your resources

Dokeos supports your eLearning trainers, helping them to better manage technology and maximize learning effectiveness

Because eLearning is continually evolving, effective learning requires a thought through support strategy for trainers. By integrating these new teaching methods into the context of the organization and training the trainers, you ensure that you deliver the skills and knowledge sought after by your learners.

Dokeos trains and supports eLearning tutors to manage all aspects of online learning:

  • Implementation of the latest teaching practices and technologies;
  • Management of learning skills and competencies, individual pathways
  • Addressing potential functional, organisational, logistical problems related to the implementation of eLearning
  • Development and Management of effective eLearning content, workflows and reports;
  • Maximizing the Dokeos Suite elements you’ve deployed during your eLearning journey.

Strategic training and technical coaching

Our eLearning consultants help you to define a mentoring system to generate and maximize the connection rate, as well as to train your tutors to master the formats, tools and teaching processes for eLearning teaching methods.

Dokeos can also assist you in defining communication actions for a project and helping manage change related to the integration of these new teaching practices.

Train your trainers to develop useful and relevant eLearning courses

Dokeos trains your trainers to implement an efficient and effective eLearning experience. At the end of our trainings, your learning managers will have the tools and methods to:

  • Ensure that students start and finish their eLearning modules;
  • Convince learners that the modules and content directly transferable to their daily work;
  • Understand training modalities and integrate immediate benefits when teaching course participants.

Successful eLearning projects depend on effective training of your trainers.

Supporting all stakeholders (managers, trainers and learners),  Dokeos helps you efficiently deploy relevant training courses that yield tangible benefits and positive returns.

With over 15 years of practice and expertise in online training and eLearning at all levels: strategic, technical and educational, Dokeos can help you maximize your eLearning investment.

Discover Dokeos Support for a LMS premium support.

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