Training external partners in the healthcare sector

What are the key objectives when training external partners? Reducing risks, improving quality of care, and engaging patients to cut costs.

Healthcare sector: 3 key objectives when training external partners

1. Ensuring consistent quality of care across the hospital network

Your reputation depends on it! Your external network of independent practitioners, homecare nurses, researchers and vendors needs to be proficient with the hospital’s systems, processes and best practices.

But how can you ensure that these ‘voluntary learners’ absorb your training content, pay for it when required, and come back for more? You’ll need to focus even more attention on training your external partners than your hospital staff!

By using an LMS like Dokeos, which is designed for healthcare professionals and their external partners, you can target your courses and access requirements according to each audience. Your LMS gives administrators an overview of your regulatory compliance and certification status for all members of your extended enterprise.

2. Streamlining budget management for ongoing training

In 2013, 24 million US healthcare professionals underwent 20 to 50 hours of ongoing training to maintain their licences. Hospital HR staff, who are already overburdened, are tasked with managing these training and certification activities.

So what is the main purpose of ongoing training for hospital staff? To improve the quality of patient care. But it can also help retain talent and combat high turnover among medical staff!

This is why the Dokeos LMS dashboard provides customized reporting tools – enabling hospitals to offer hundreds of courses without wasting hundreds of hours managing their delivery!

3. Keeping patients informed and engaged about their health

Your patients are also part of your extended enterprise. And they’re hungry for knowledge! Yet medical centres often find it difficult to give them information about their health.

Providing patients with learning opportunities can offer many benefits to hospitals:

You can target these eLearning courses according to themes such as: treating chronic illnesses, pre- and post-operative care, nutrition, daily exercise plans, and lifestyle management.

Your Dokeos LMS is ideal for training your external healthcare partners! Try our solution for 60 days, free of charge.