Corporate learning, digital learning or elearning?

Corporate learning, elearning or digital learning? The terms are increasing but the definitions tend to cross over. In the future, what will they mean?

The future of corporate training is undeniably digital or electronic, and will be delivered, at least in part, via the Internet and mobile. All terms such as corporate learning, electronic learning and digital learning represent the same reality: soon, these will be merged.

Elearning or digital learning: differences less and less obvious

Elearning emerged in the mid-90s via the multimedia tools of the time, such as CD-Roms. Businesses slowly tested out various training options using computers. The advent of the Web quickly revolutionised these practices, and the concept of elearning had became associated with learning over the Internet by the early 2000s.

Today, with all sectors looking to train professionals with computer-based supports, the definitions have evolved further still. Elearning now refers to the world of education, while digital learning refers to the world of business. The thing is that ever-greater mobility is being asked of employees, and all training content needs to viewable remotely, sometimes even offline.

Digital learning brings together all the practices of corporate training under one term.

A “catch-all” design

As such we need to move beyond the opposition between elearning and blended learning. Employees today are building their careers and training by combining several activities:

  • meetings
  • classroom training
  • self-directed learning on computer or tablet
  • skill validation on smartphones
  • audits and quality controls in all places

Only through such a varied program can digital learning, which refers to navigation at your fingertips, respond to the constraints of the business world.

From a variety of concepts, it is gradually changing to a variety of formats. The future of our business involves adapting training to new interfaces, regardless of their size, and whether tactile or not.

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