Elearning case study: developing a scenario for Axea

The apprenticeship program scenario developed by Dokeos allowed Axea to train more than 4,000 nurses and health assistants.

Axea Solutions trains hospital staff to World Health Organization standards, notably in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, ICD-10.

Version 10 of this standard will be applied across the United States from November 2014. Each hospital is required to comply, or put at jeopardy reimbursements of acts from the state. The same as in Europe, the American government acts as a third-party payer.

Elearning: scenario-development is essential

Drawing on Dokeos SCENARIO, as well its own 12 years of expertise, Axea managed to put in place a training solution that met the hospitals’ needs in a matter of months.

Each of the programme’s 40 courses is being followed by dozens of nurses and aides. Learning is based on an unchanging scenario, summarised as follows: 1. Prerequisites test 2. Modules of self-training in rapid learning 3. Final exam

The self-training module only becomes available if the prerequisites test is successful. The learner is then enabled to demonstrate his skills, and progress through the system.

Sophisticated reporting allows department managers to track the progress of employees following the defined scenario. As such, the end result is assured.

Scenario development enhances the profitability of elearning

Axea Solutions has required fewer than 5 workers over 4 months, and now trains more than 4,000 people. Its activity reached the break-even point within three months of starting production. The company currently enjoys a significant edge over its market.

Users, in turn, feel guided by the scenario. Hospital officials are happy to train their staff in the workplace during breaks without interrupting service.

Emails are sent to individuals depending on their progress through the scenario. Personalised feedback is provided at a low cost, automated by the Dokeos MANAGER tool.

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