Integrate your Dokeos LMS into Salesforce!

Integrate your Dokeos LMS into Salesforce!

Integrating your Dokeos LMS into Salesforce CRM is beneficial for your sales management as well as for partnerships and alliances. Here’s why. More and more companies are looking to integrate their Learning Management System into their customer relationship management tool. Now it’s possible to integrate your Dokeos LMS into Salesforce, the No. 1 CRM on the market.

5 reasons to integrate your Dokeos LMS into Salesforce

Any company that sells or offers training to its prospects, customers, vendors or partners can benefit from integrating its LMS into its CRM.

  1. Turn your learners into business leads

All personal information (name, address, company, position, etc.) that learners must complete in your LMS to register for an e-learning course is automatically shared with your management software. Imagine you contact a prospect and explain the virtues of your e-learning courses. If he then connects to Dokeos to buy training, your Salesforce account automatically updates with all the information related to his purchase.

  1. Streamline training for customers and partners

Personalizing your LMS and CRM is a means of streamlining training for customers and partners, for example in the field of product certification. Analytical data from the LMS can help with the management of your partnerships and alliances.

  1. Improve the visibility of your e-learning courses

The success of an e-learning course doesn’t just depend on the quality of the content but the overall experience. Among other points, this includes the accessibility of the training program. Your customers, vendors and partners can access Dokeos from the tab in their Salesforce window. Moreover, the integration of your LMS into the market’s No. 1 CRM naturally increases the visibility of your training.

  1. Analyze important information

Integration allows you to synchronize the training data with its reporting in Salesforce. Your increase your visibility of the training history of each user with a profile on Salesforce. Now you just need to make correlations between the trainings undertaken and sales performance!

  1. Boost your e-commerce performance

The integration of your LMS into your CRM seems a necessary step for boosting sales of your training. Be aware too that making sales via e-commerce is becoming the most popular method both for online training and traditional training.

Did you know about using Dokeos Shop to sell your training? If you’d like to integrate your Dokeos LMS into Salesforce, contact us!


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